We start off wit light jogging but quickly move onto a hard set of reps including 30 seconds each of the following.


Power jacks

Leg jumps

3 Step Heismon

Butt kicks

High knees

Vertical jumps

Repear above steps 2 more times but each time push harder and faster. The final set should be seeing you push as hard and fast as you can safely go.

5-10 minutes of deep stretches follows to nimble you up. Then onto some power jump sets each set contains 30 seconds with no break as usual.

Power jumps

Belt kick (go to squat position then on way up kick out and repeat alternate between legs)

Knee over ankle jumps

V push ups (make upside down v shape with hands and feet on floor move hand and legs together as much as you can keeping legs straight and start to do push ups all pressure should be on your shoulders with core tightend)

Repeat above steps 2 more times making sure to push harder each time you do a set.

Without a break finish up by doing 30 seconds on,

Floor tricep dips (keep your hips raised)

Floor tricep dips with left leg raised

Floor tricep dips with right leg raised

Tricep ball push ups (Go into v push ups but bend knees to your chest so your almost in a squat position then start to do push up once again all pressure is in your core muscles and on your arms.

Last sets are really fast and intense,

Hurdle jumps

Globe jumps

Moving push ups

Floor sprints

Repeat above but always maintaining a high speed.

To finish off the intense training do 30 seconds of 8hop squats/8 push ups just repeat as fast as you can as many times as you can in those 30 secons.

And as usual we finish off with around 5 minutes  of warm down stretches to minimise any injuries that could occur with missing out this final and yet vital step.

Thanks as always


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Ok so on day to i took the cardio video an gave it a try and here is what i had to do the workout lasts around 40 minutes overall.

5 minutes of on the spot running/resistence exercises.

5 minutes same routin as above but a lot faster.

5-10 minutes of stretch and hold positions.

Now we move on to the harder stuff here we go, For everything i do below its always 30 seconds flat out followed straight after is the next exercise.

Suicide drill

3 step Heismon

Power squats

Mountain climbers

Ski down

Switch feet

Football wide sprints – make sure to change directions and move backwards and forwards while you do this one.

Have a water break for 30 seconds then repeat all of the abover again.

Next up we have the basketball drills so lets get started.

Basketball jumps.

(4 pushups / Push up run / Squat / stand) All of that counts as one rep you do all of this 4 times.

Push up ski jumps – Push up to left sided squat to centre to right sided squat – keep repeating.

Squat to push up positon and ack to squat = 1 rep – keep doing them at a good pace.

You need to repeat all the above steps 3 times before a water break.

Have a quick water break then finish up with the last 5 minutes by doing these.

Jabs – use your core to punch and keep your core tight all the time.

Cross jacks.

Uppercuts – make sure to use core once again and to keep it tight all the way through.

Attack jabs – squat position and doing open handed jabs.

To finish it all off just do 3-4 minutes of stretches making sure to work all the muscles especially in your legs and core.

And that is day 2 over with sorry its a bit long winded but it was a lot to get done in 40 minutes, Hope you enjoyed unil tomorrow.


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Ok so i tried the insanity workout fitness test today for the first time, Its about 30minutes long the entire workout and its very intense.

Having never done it before i really struggled but ive got 60 more days to work on my fitness and to see how much i can improver over this time.

The warm up was all about getting all of your muscles activated and to stretch up to make yourself nimble to manage to complete all the exercises that were to come, This took about 10 minutes.

Ok so the workout went in stages of as many as you can do in 1 solid minute followed by 30 seconds of rest before you started the next exercise.

The exercises were as follows:

1) Switch kicks – 70 in one minute

2) Power kicks – 45 in one minute

3) Power knees – 80  ”   “

4) Power jumps – 34 ”   “

5) Globe jumps – 10 ”   “

6) Suicide jumps 15 ”   “

7) Push up jacks – 20 ”   “

8) Low plank obliques – 45 ”   “

After all that we warmed down with some more stretches with a lot of stretch and hold positions waiting 10-20 seconds before release.

And that was my day one for my 60 day insanity workout routine hope you keep track of my progress.

Many thanks James.G

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